Physiotherapists are primary health care professionals with a significant role in health promotion and treatment of injury and disease. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability and to relieve pain.

Having a detailed understanding of how the body works they are the experts in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiothoracic problems that affect peoples’ abilities to move the way they want and function as well as they want in their daily lives.

Physiotherapist aims to rehabilitate and improve people with movement disorders by using evidence-based, natural methods such as exercise, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy. Physiotherapists promote good health by encouraging their clients or patients to improve and increase control over their own lives.

During your first visit physiotherapist will assess impact of an injury or disability on  your physical function; Our physiotherapists will evaluate quality of movement, muscle strenght and other attributes to create an individualised rehabilitation plan which is most appropriate for your condition.