Kynesiological taping as one of physiotherapy methods seeks to activate body self healing process. It is an additional tool to physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise and physical procedures to maintain therapy effects.

By choosing different taping applications physiotherapist can achieve following effects:

  • increase muscle function;
  • improve microcirculation;
  • activate lymphatic system;
  • reduce swelling and hemorrhage;
  • reduce pain;
  • stabilise joints and liggaments;
  • improve posture and correct deformations;
  • reduce injury risk;
Taping is performed by physiotherapist using cotton tape covered with acryl glue from one side. Weight, thickness and elasticity is ismilar to skin, so that you will soon forget you even have it. Material is water proof and breathable, therefore you can wear it comfortably for 3-7 days.

It’s safe in shower, bath and sauna, however you shouldn’t sunbath with it.

Kinesiological taping is painless and comfortable!