When muscle tissues heal they creat collagen instead of muscle tissues. The new - scar tissue is weaker, less elastic than muscle fibre and predisposed to re-injury. Therefore a damaged muscle can become a source of pain and boresome treatment.

Although muscle injuries cause severe pain and impairment, they are often poorly diagnosed and managed.

Classically medical response to muscular injuries is still mostly pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and rest. The medication lessen the pain and suppress the inflammation, effectively reducing the symptoms, but don’t really heal the muscle, even more - drugs can slow down the healing process and too much inactivity can be lead to muscle atrophy.

Muscles have to be strong enough to ensure proper movement against gravity and they have to be flexible enough to provide full range of movement in the joint they cross. For this to happen, muscle fibers need to be aligned in the same direction. Scar tissues are produced of chaotic collagen fibers and there is no mechanism in our body that can restore their direction.

Scar tissues are not elastic and muscles then react to stretching with contraction to protect themself from another injury. Constant tension only worsen the pain and obstruct healing processes.

Physiotherapists use manual and myofascial release technichs, physical factors and massage to smooth out scar tissue and restore normal fibre direction, speeding up the healing process and providing long term effect.

Apart of all that physiotherapists suggest you to do individualised terapeutic exercise to gain back muscle strenght and endurance so that you can get back to your daily and sport activities and find freedom of movement!

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